Lowe`s Master Standard Buying Agreement

Barcoding – I 2 of 5s – Standard shipping containers must be marked from I 2 of 5 codes – A standard shipping container is larger than a sales unit and contains fixed multiplexes of the same item: ` Master Cards ` Master Cards ` Indoor Packaging ` Pallets ` 100% Scanrate needed ` Suppliers must follow the specifications of the uniform code board ` only one standard boat unit per seller, per item, will be accepted in our distribution centre – I2of5 barcoding requirements, you will find on Loweslink ® (Pg 8-12): www.loweslink.com/llmain/pubdocuments/BarCodeGuidelines.pdf Canadian Standard Certification – Suppliers are legally required, Compliance with all Canadian laws and standards – Certification of goods: -Recommended for new suppliers in Canada – Suppliers must transmit products to a nationally accredited testing laboratory CSA (Canadian Standards Association) – UL (Underwriters lab) – Intertek testing services – Section 8 of your Master Standard Buying Agreement (MSBA) contains details of your agreement with Lowe`s Canada Planogramming – Planogram is low standard practice offering distributors and suppliers the ability to check products, displays and signage. Merchandising crews conduct line checks at the Lowe`s Canada Planogram Facility. The facility is designed to provide merchants and sellers with a clean, clean and safe environment. For more information, see the Canadian partnership book “Planogramming.” Introduction – Vision Statement – We offer customer-oriented solutions with the best price, products and services to make Lowe`s first choice for home improvement. Labelling Code – Labeling information is required on many types of products to ensure correct identification and preferred use. The product that requires special labelling includes: NEW STORE – SAMPLES – VPXD – SOS – Multi-Boxed Items – See Canadian Partnership Book for more detailed requirements and information at different stages of product processing. Planning – Small parcel – Small packages – <235 lbs – 150lbs in an individual package – No > 108″ Length – CANADA Shipments – FedEx or UPS – Domestic Canada Shipments – UPS Cross Border Requirements – Prepaid Vendor – Freight is the importer/exporter of registrations that they: ` provide the necessary brokerage services` All costs are accepted to be included in prepaid price offers – Freight Collection – Lowe`s Canada is the importer/exporter of registrations – Suppliers must ensure that they: `Share exact items with Lowe`s to assist in the classification ` Provide appropriate documentation to accompany shipments ` Lowe`s will set up the necessary brokerage services `