Oregon Prenuptial Agreement Law

Are you interested in knowing more about the value of marriage contracts? Would you like to consult a lawyer on the validity of an agreement that you must sign? Do you need help implementing an agreement that has already been signed? If so, get advice today from an experienced family lawyer in Oregon. In many cases, the value and purpose of a conjugal agreement is like beauty in the eye of the beholder. A party that marries with much more fortune than the other is more willing to entertain the idea of a prenupe, just like a party that has children from a previous marriage. If spouses are on financial land of a level, prenups can instead be used for other purposes, such as defining the distribution of real estate, paying future legal fees and protecting family assets that are certainly of little commercial value but are important from a sentimental point of view. Oregon`s marriage contracts can cover a wide range of topics. Depending on a couple`s individual needs, a marriage agreement may provide that certain things cannot be included in a marriage agreement, such as.B. Childcare and childcare. If Oregon j.A. deals with the issues, they are required to act in the best interests of the children at the time of the divorce. Therefore, a couple cannot pre-write a custody or education period issue.

Similarly, custody issues generally cannot be included in a matrimonial agreement, since the right to custody of children is linked to the rights of the child. There are many things that you can include in a marital agreement, but Oregon law is clear that the two things you cannot agree on are child welfare and a spousal assistance provision that must designate other spouses for public assistance: ORS 108.710 (2) A child`s right to assistance cannot be compromised by a pre-marriage agreement. You are planning a wedding and at least one of you is interested in a pre-marriage contract, also called a marriage contract. You and your fiancé probably have questions about marital agreements because you are wondering how they work, what laws apply and whether they are right for you. As you talk to each other about this type of contract and learn more, we hope that you will approach the subject with the following eyes: you want to be fair to each other, you are ready to provide complete information about your assets, you are ready to communicate on difficult financial issues and you will work with a lawyer every time. It is customary for some well-intentioned parties to attempt to deny custody of children or custody of children through a pre-judged contract. Such provisions are almost always unenforceable and, depending on how the rest of the document itself is drafted, the entire agreement could be annulled. A marriage is a contract. Contracts between two consenting adults are generally respected and enforceable.

But because this contract is tied to married spouses and families, it is often scrutinized more carefully by the courts. In order to enable the survival of a marital review agreement, it should be concluded with fairness and full disclosure by both parties as the primary objective. Each party should have separate lawyers, have sufficient time to review the text of the agreement and receive full disclosure of the other partner`s assets and financial information.