Nidhi Company Loan Agreement Format Pdf

The applicant authorizes JAYANT INDIA NIDHI LIMITED to disclose all information/documents relating to the applicant (s) regarding the facilities used by the applicant or the plaintiffs or the obligations that the applicant is required to insure for these purposes; Reserve Bank of India, the income tax authorities, credit bureaus, third parties, credit rating agencies, databases, businesses, banks, financial institutions or any other government or public authority (Regulatory/Statutory/Judicial/quasi-judicial) and also to obtain information from these agencies/authorities/credit agencies, etc., concerning applicants, in order to enable JAYANT INDIA NIDHI LIMITED to assess the application. THE NIDHI COMPANY also has the right to provide any other financial company/registered credit bureau with details of the borrower`s credit history. The above terms and conditions for bonding loans may be amended without notice at the sole discretion of Jayant India Nidhi Limited. J/We have expressly authorized JAYANT INDIA NIDHI LIMITED and all of its group/partner companies to exchange, share or share information for any purpose. The loan is guaranteed by Equitable/Registered Mortgage/Extension of mortgage of land and building/flat, for which the loan must be sanctioned. JAYANT INDIA NIDHI LIMITED has the right to decide, at its sole discretion, the nature, nature and date of the pawning of a mortgage or other guarantee; and/or the additional guarantee that must be put in place by the borrower for the guarantee of the loan and any other amount to which JAYANT INDIA NIDHI LIMITED is entitled. The borrower is required to put in place such a guarantee and correctly executes documents demonstrating the same evidence that may be required by JAYANT INDIA NIDHI LIMITED Loan, which is proposed, on the basis of the agreement that the property is located in India and within the urban limits authorized by JAYANT INDIA NIDHI LIMITED. Even if the property is within the limits, JAYANT INDIA NIDHI LIMITED may refuse to pay the loan if the property does not meet the credit guidelines, policies and criteria of JAYANT INDIA NIDHI LIMITED, which it deems appropriate at its sole discretion. The borrower will seek the written prior approval of JAYANT INDIA NIDHI LIMITED before renting or leasing the mortgaged property or renting part of it or making structural changes to the mortgaged property. The loan will be provided by the pledge allowance by delivery to JAYANT INDIA NIDHI LIMITED the initial deposit receipt duly insured by all depositors as well as the credity Note unloaded.