Salford Council Tenancy Agreement

In cases where council has passed a statutory housing tax (under the HomelessNess Act) after a homeless applicant has refused an adequate offer of accommodation, all applications to review that offer are processed as part of the legal procedures for verifying homelessness (section 202), Part 7 of the Housing Act 1996. Write down the meter readings for your electricity, gas and water supply (if any) on the day the rental starts and contact the companies concerned to give them the statements and tell them that you are the new tenants. Only certain houses in the city are part of the borrowing program. The construction of housing in the private sector must be accredited or under construction. The owner of the land must also agree to give the tenant all legal rights in accordance with state rules. In addition, the owner must accept this form of payment because he does not receive cash. On the contrary, Salford City Council only guarantees the surety that would otherwise be charged to the potential tenant. Then the payment is made. The warranty covers up to one month of rental fees on the property. Thus, it can be used for down payment or rent in advance, depending on what is more efficient. However, there is a maximum payment, as the Council will only use it for an affordable home in the city.

Your new owner will inform you of your new rights before being asked to accept a property. You should have inquired with the new owner about certain rental rights that may affect you. The City of Salford Housing Option team is implementing a bond guarantee system to prevent homelessness. It helps potential tenants who do not have enough money to pay the deposit for private apartments. In addition, at the Discretion of the Council, additional financial assistance may be provided for a portion of the rent in advance for Salford`s apartment. A person is not in a position to enter into this scheme if he or a member of his household is guilty of unacceptable behaviour serious enough to be unfit to be a tenant of the Council, for example: later this month, the Salford Bond Officer or his team can enter and inspect the house.