Wells Fargo Bill Pay Agreement

The provisions of this section apply only to commercial account invoice payments. For requests for payment of commercial accounts subject to Article 4A of the Single Code of Commerce (UCC 4A), we are only liable for damages to be paid under UCC 4A. We will never be liable for exemplary, special, indirect or consecutive damages, damages, costs or costs of any kind, including loss of earnings, unless required by law or by law. You agree that the security procedures we require under this agreement establish security procedures for electronic transfers that are economically appropriate. For new and existing online customers, the OAA changes will apply on September 30, 2020. Your continued use of Wells Fargo, Wells Fargo Business Online, Wells Fargo Mobile or Wells Fargo Advisors represents your agreement on these changes. To use Bill Pay, you need a Wells Fargo current account. You can pay your bills either through your current account or through other eligible accounts. The following addendum agreements also apply when you sign up for these additional services. The online billing service, offered by many banks and credit unions, makes it easy to organize and pay your bills when they are due. If you`re juggling rent or mortgage, cable and electricity bills, credit card payments and more, the online bill can save time and help you avoid late charges. No more cheques to write, find envelopes, or buy stamps. Prepare your bill and we`ll pay for it.

The initial setup is quick and simple. The provisions of this section apply only to electronic transfers (EFTs) that weigh or credit a consumer`s control, savings or other heritage accounts and are subject to Regulation E, which is implemented by the Federal Electronic Money Transfer Act. You can find the terms and conditions that apply to efts that incriminate or credit a brokerage account in your brokerage account contract, not this agreement. Certain fees related to a bank account or online financial service may be generated when using the Service and are listed separately in specific agreements for an authorized account and/or on our website under the fee information, unless otherwise stated in this Agreement.